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Business Conduct Helpline


Report a Concern Online

This system makes it easy to report an incident about workplace issues like financial and auditing concerns, harassment, theft, substance abuse, and unsafe conditions.

Call Our Ethics Helpline

If you would prefer to submit your confidential concern telephonically, please call us and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you.

Ask a Question

If you have an ethics or compliance question or an inquiry regarding a company policy, you can ask anonymously and confidentially.

Speaking Up

When you speak up, you make the whole company better.

We empower our team to speak up when something is not right.

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Follow Up

You can check the status of your report or question using the access number and password you created when you submitted the report or question.

Standards of Business Conduct

Catalent has developed the Standards of Business Conduct which sets out basic guiding principles for all employees.

What to Expect in the Reporting Process

    The Business Conduct Helpline can be used to report potential violations of Catalent policy or the law, including those concerning:

    • Criminal activity (including fraud, theft, bribery, kickbacks, and insider trading)
    • Improper use of company resources
    • Quality and regulatory concerns
    • Discrimination or harassment   
    • Data integrity violations
    • Conflicts of interest         
    • Environmental, health, and safety issues
    • Violations of any Catalent policy          
    • Conduct with a substantial chance of damaging Catalent’s reputation or the reputation of any Catalent site or employee
    • Retaliation or retribution for reporting potential misconduct
    • Human rights violations
    • Any other ​​​​​breaches of Catalent’s Standards of Business Conduct
    • Your concern will be taken seriously.
    • You will be treated with dignity and respect.

    • You will not be required to identify yourself.

    • Your communication will be treated as confidentially as possible.

    • Your report will be received by Convercent and sent to the individuals deemed appropriate within Catalent who have the expertise to investigate your concern.

    • Catalent handles all reports according to its internal investigatory procedures and investigates reports in an independent, unbiased and fair manner.

    • Your concern will be promptly addressed.

    • You will be contacted when the investigation is completed and informed as to whether the allegations or concerns were substantiated or unsubstantiated. If the concern regarding misconduct is substantiated, appropriate corrective and preventative action will be taken. Such action may include clarification of a policy, additional training, process changes, and coaching and counseling or other disciplinary action.

    • You will not be retaliated against for good faith reporting. Catalent strictly prohibits and does not tolerate any form of discipline, reprisal, intimidation, or other act of retaliation for good-faith reporting of suspected violations of any law, regulation, or Catalent policy, or for cooperating in investigations of such suspected violations. 

    Catalent’s Business Conduct Helpline is operated by Convercent, an independent third-party company. When someone shares a concern or reports an incident, the report is made through Convercent, which allows the reporting party to remain anonymous to Catalent.

    Your report is NOT automatically sent to law enforcement. Only if Catalent feels that law enforcement should receive a copy, or if the law requires it, will your report be submitted to the police.

    In all instances, the information relating to a reported concern will be kept as confidential as possible and communicated on a need-to-know basis only. Additionally, you may choose the extent to which you disclose your identity to Convercent and Catalent. Below are the different levels of anonymity you may select:

    • Remain completely anonymous: You will not reveal your name or contact information to Catalent or Convercent. Your identity is not indicated on the report you submit. However, if Catalent's Ethics & Compliance group has further questions or needs additional information to conduct a thorough investigation, it will be unable to contact you. 

    • Remain anonymous toward Catalent: You are comfortable revealing your name and contact information to Convercent, but not to Catalent. This will allow Catalent's Ethics & Compliance group and the internal investigation team to contact you through Convercent with follow-up questions or information. In this way, your identity will not be revealed at any time to Catalent.

    • Share my name and information: You are willing to provide your contact information so that Catalent's Ethics & Compliance group can easily ask follow-up questions and provide you with additional information. Providing your contact information may help the investigator more thoroughly investigate the concerns and do so faster. 

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